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    Follow http://thevintagologist.tumblr.com/ : more than 10.000 posts of vintage lifestyle, design, fashion, art, cars, architecture, music and stuffs.

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  4. escapekit:

    Hand Lettering

    Collection of hand-drawn lettering & typography designs made in 2013 and beginning of 2014 by Polish designer Mateusz Witczak.

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  5. rpmwest:

    Wanna help us launch the next step in the growth of RPMWEST? Get in touch via help@rpmwest.com and stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow www.rpmwest.com 

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    Salbatard Dali

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  10. "Es un fin de semana largo y dan algo bueno por TV, y la casa va a parecer grande, si tu no vienes, ¿que voy a hacer? voy a sacar a pasear mi dolor, como un tonto, hasta acabar conmigo!!"
  11. shitdenim:

    Rivet and Hide - 5 Windmill St, London W1T 2JA

    New store just opened 17/04/14 - congrats Danny @rivetandhide

  12. shitdenim:

    Son of a Stag - 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL

    www.sonofastag.com/‎ STILL THE BEST DENIM STORE @sonofastaglondon

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    一起來看看Work Oxford的穿搭吧。

    一般來說,這樣Low Cut的款式,除了注意顏色搭配外,若是可以適當地將褲款捲起,並搭配一雙有特色或是顏色鮮豔一點的襪子,就可以營造出不同的感覺。

    Official Red Wing Shoes Taiwan Website:


    Images Source: http://goo.gl/uFMbZC

  15. AC DC

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